Benjamin Moore Paint Advance Waterbased Enamel


John Shearer reviews Benjamin Moore’s new Advance Waterbased Enamel in Semi-Gloss on a recent project.


Hi, we’re at one of our current jobsites and we’re using a brand new sheen in the Advance line. Advance is the Benjamin Moore Waterborne, 100% Alkyd Enamel. Before, they had it in flat, satin, and gloss, and they’ve just introduced a semi-gloss, which we’re using on our current project.

Here’s a close-up view of this window casing that we’ve just sprayed an Advance semi-gloss. We actually have it under a light. You can see the nice consistent sheen that it has.

And our – the initial feedback is very good. This has recently been painted. It’s dried. It’s not cured yet, but it has the exact sheen that I think most of our – a lot of our customers are looking for. The Satin was quite a bit flatter than most satins, and certainly flatter than most of the oil-borne equivalents in satin. For example, Satin Impervo. Window casings exposed to a lot of natural light like this window frame – this window casing right here require a very consistent enamel finish if you’re going to be using any sort of sheen, satin or semi-gloss.

This semi-gloss has an excellent, consistent sheen to it. We’ve sprayed out this window casing and it’s leveled out perfectly, and in some areas where we’ve needed to touch up, the brushing has exceeded our expectations. The reality of this product is great. In the satin and the flat there is really not as much of a challenge touching up because it’s a low sheen but this semi-gloss is truly a semi-gloss and it’s very easy to touch up. We’re very happy with the sheen, consistency.


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