Festool DTS 400 Review

by admin on December 3, 2013

Festool DTS 400 sander Review


DTS 400 is the must have first sander in the Festool lineup if you are prepping surfaces for stain or paint. The versatile “ironing board” shape combines surface area for productivity and pointed edges for trim details and tight profiles. We use this as our go to sander in our paint shop; the Festool specific Granat lasts longer and has more cutting power than other abrasives. In a shop environment the HEPA dust extractor eliminates 97% of the dust created from lose and airborne  particulate. Minimizing dust is critical for painting and stain finish product quality and workman safety and comfort.

Furniture prep before painting with Festool sanders

Painting High Gloss Black in dust free environment

Amazon Reviews of the Festool DTS 400


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