House Painting Shop Talk Videos

This page is a directory of videos we have published and other resources around the internet directly related to the prepartion, methods, tools, and process related to house painting.


Shop Finishing High Gloss Black Door The advantages of shop finishing for cold weather and controlling dust on finish.

Apprentice Painters; first its about protection An apprentice painter, you probably think being a good painter is all about being able to apply the paint, and it is a big part of, obviously, the finish. But there are other things we need to consider, and that’s the potential damage that we can create when we’re on a paint site.




  • Chris

    I need to paint the exterior walls of a three bedroomed house (semi) which has been painted before. Looking at what is available I think I will go for Sandtex . I want to do two coats and I thought 20 lit would be enough- have I got the amount right?
    What prep do I need to do and how do I go about making good a couple of small areas where it seems to have blistered. ?. If there are cracks or holes to fill how do I make them good.? The existing wall covering is like a fine pebbledash finish.