Apprentice Painters; first its about protection

by admin on November 21, 2013




An apprentice painter, you probably think being a good painter is all about being able to apply the paint, and it is a big part of, obviously, the finish. But there are other things we need to consider, and that’s the potential damage that we can create when we’re on a paint site. Our prep work, where we’re using sandpaper, ladders, and other equipment to prep the surfaces to receive paint can cause lots of damage if you’re not using the tools properly or you’re not paying attention. And then there’s the actual paint application, if you’re not protecting adjacent surfaces and you’re not applying the paint properly, you can also cause lots of damage. So that’s why we like to train, we like to talk about it all the time. Working cleanly ,working quickly. I had the opportunity to talk about a particular job that we’re working on right now. It’s November, 2013, we’re at a single family residence on Mercer Island, and the owner was referred by an interior designer that we’ve worked with before. We’re going to paint this table, and seven chairs in custom colors. The colors will be C2 Sanctuary for the table in Fine Paints of Europe Hollandlac Satin, and all seven chairs will be in Tigerlily by C2 in Hollandlac Satin. The inspiration for this job is this painting. So this is a focal centerpiece in their living room/dining room area and we’re going to take it back to our shop and paint it before the holidays. I’m always concerned about the paint finish, but in this situation, I’m really concerned about being able to take this table back to our shop. From Mercer Island to SoDo, it’s probably less than two and a half miles, but lots of things can go wrong in two and a half miles. So we have the men out here to take it back, we have the equipment, blankets and we talked about this during our SmartStart, how we’re going to get this back to our shop, do the prep, do the painting and let it cure.

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