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Review of Sherwin Williams Resilience Paint

Sherwin-Williams has been a leader in paint technology for over 140 years. They are the most trusted and used paint manufacturer in the U.S. and have a sterling reputation amongst painting professionals. Through the years Sherwin-Williams continues to produce innovative paints that offer supreme quality for its users. It is the brand of paint most used and trusted by painting contractors, builders, designers, architects, property managers and the general public. Sherwin-Williams has over 3,300 stores across the U.S. to assist customers and offer their very experienced advice regarding their painting needs.

Sherwin-Williams is the go to source for quality paint products. The company utilizes new technology and manufacturing methods to continually produce more durable quality products. Resilience Premium Paint is the latest breakthrough from the company. Homeowners and industry professionals across the country are making it the new paint of choice for good reason.

Resilience Acrylic-Latex Paint is a terrific choice for commercial and residential exteriors. Hide is a serious consideration when choosing a paint and Resilience offers perhaps the best hide of any paint on the market. This makes it one of if not the most durable paint on the market. Exterior painters who previously chose Sherwin-Williams Super Paint are trading it in for the company’s new Resilience Paint line for its supreme durability. In fact, many can now offer lifetime guarantees on their work because of this new product (which comes with a limited lifetime guarantee as well).

Another great feature about the new Resilience Paint from Sherwin-Williams is its ease of application. The unique paint compound provides the easiest brushability of any other exterior coatings. The durable nature of Resilience Paint doesn’t affect its workability. In fact, it is extremely easy to apply and has the same workability and open time as any other coating on the market.

Painters everywhere are loving the finish that Resilience Paint provides. It flows and levels perfectly for a smooth silky finish. Not only does this make it a perfect paint for the general exterior, but it makes it great to use on architectural details like decorative moldings, columns and doors that really need a smooth finish. The advanced Vinyl-Safe technology also makes it a great paint to use with darker colors without the worry of buckling or warping.

Perhaps the best feature of the new Resilience Paint from Sherwin-Williams is its ability to dry fast and resist moisture. Unlike traditional exterior coatings that usually take four hours to resist moisture, Resilience Paint develops moisture protection in only two hours. The trademarked MoistureGuard technology used in Resilience Paint makes worrying about dew or rain a thing of the past. It resists moisture in half the time, allowing for early morning job starts and completion in humid or stormy weather.

Resilience Acrylic Latex Paint by Sherwin-Williams comes in a variety of finishes. Painters and homeowners can choose between flat, satin, and gloss finishes. This provides for excellent flexibility in both the finish and applicability of the paint. In fact, the various features of this technologically advanced paint and the wide range of colors make it a popular choice for interiors as well. It also meets or exceeds very stringent environmental regulations by being 100% safe and compliant with a very low 50 g/l VOC.

Resilience Paint is just the latest in a long line of quality Sherwin-Williams products. The MoistureGuard technology utilized by the paint is revolutionary in the paint industry. Contractors no longer have to worry about getting the job done ever again. The paint performs in almost any condition. Sherwin-Williams is so sure of Resilient Paint that they offer a limited lifetime guarantee. Painters everywhere are becoming raving fans and regular users of Resilient Paint for good reason.

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