Shop Finish Black Gloss Door

by admin on November 21, 2013



VIDEO TRANSCIPT OF “Black High Gloss Paint on Front Door Shop Finish”


“So this is, uh, a front door for a home in Seattle. It’s fall right now, and we decided to shop finish this door, we wanted to restore it, take it off an old home, bring it to our shop and take care of the finishes. The reason we do that is we control the environment that we spray it in especially with the Fine Things Europe Home Laque Finish that is on here, the stuff is pretty tricky to work with, we’re dealing with particulates in the air outside and variable temperatures it makes it really kind of difficult. So, taking it in the shop allows us to do all the prep that we need to do, horizontal, in a shop format, it’s easier to see it, you have the proper light, you can approach it in the right way. And then as far as spraying it, you have total control over your environment, your cure time, how long you want it to sit before you move it, and all those sorts of things. It’s a good day for this door, we’re just prepping it down to move it..”

“And security!”

“Of course security, there’s a kind of a cool system that we have for securing doors it just involves big black bolts and plywood, but it’s a compression fit, that allows us to put the door. take the door out, answer you phone, and then put the door back.”

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